Press for Where the Air Is Sweet

CBC Books names Tasneem Jamal one of 12 rising CanLit stars on its list of Writers to Watch 2014. Full article

Toronto Star
Novelist Tasneem Jamal on Canada’s welcome to Uganda’s Ismailis. Full article

TVO The Agenda
Tasneem Jamal sits down with Piya Chattopadhyay for a feature interview about how her personal story helped form her novel. Watch.

CBC Ottawa
Tasneem Jamal speaks with All In A Day‘s Giacomo Panico about her book and her personal encounter with Idi Amin. Listen.

Tasneem Jamal’s debut novel, Where the Air Is Sweet, is inspired by her family’s experience in Uganda, before and during the reign of dictator Idi Amin. She shares some stories with The Morning EditionListen.

Waterloo Region Record
In the 1970s, Tasneem Jamal told her elementary school classmates that she was born in Mbarara. Full article

The Globe and Mail
A man whose life had been disrupted the most gained freedom by letting go. (By Tasneem Jamal) Full article

Open Book Toronto
Tasneem speaks to Open Book as part of our Lucky Seven series, a seven-question Q&A that gives readers a chance to hear about the writing processes of talented Canadian authors and gives authors a space to speak in depth about the thematic concerns of their newest books. Full article

The Medium: University of Toronto Mississauga
Using the past to write the present. Questions and answers. Full article

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