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The magnificent Ismaili Centre

IsmailiCentrePhotoThe Ismaili Centre Toronto, which opened its beautiful doors in September, is hosting an event showcasing me and my book and discussing the Ugandan exodus in general this coming Sunday. It’s at 1 p.m. and will feature an onstage conversation between me and journalist Omar Sachedina.

It’s a great opportunity to see the gorgeous centre as well. So, if you are in the area please come by. Click here for details and to register.


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  • Don Murphy says:

    Hello Tasneem
    I saw a write up on your book last fall in the Edmonton journal and thought to buy it at Christmas . I am a retired civil engineer and love historical novels and once I started reading couldn’t put it down. I have a good friend who is my financial advisor and ishmali. The other day when meeting with him I mentioned your book and gave him my copy to read. His family came here about 40 years ago from Tanzania where he grew up near Tanga, his family had a Sisal farm. I donate each year to his Aga Khan walk. He is good friends with the parents of former Conservative MP Rahim Jafaar who were expelled from Uganda as well. Jafaar is married to Helena Guergis a former conservative MP near Kitchener. I visited there in 2002 and 06, having great great grandparents buried at Mount View cemetery in Cambridge, another set in Mount Hope cemetery in Kitchener. My great grandparents were married in 1874 in St Mary’s Catholic church before heading west to start a new life in Manitoba, similar to your people from the Gujurat. Prime Minister Modi visits tomorrow, I understand he is from the Gujurat , as is Mr Premji founder and president of giant IT company Bangalore basedWipro who just set up a big operaton here in Edmonton. Lots of threads!, and look forward to your next book.

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