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I’m getting questions about where people can buy Where the Air Is Sweet. Quick answer: you can pre-order it here. If you would like to buy the book and additionally help improve sales, read on.

The apparent success of a book depends not so much on overall sales as on concentrated sales. Bestseller lists are determined by weekly sales. So, ideally you want people to buy in bursts — this shows an excitement for the book, and booksellers (and the media) pay attention to this.

This is what I suggest people do if they would like to help me get Where the Air Is Sweet onto bestseller lists:

Pre-ordered books count towards the first week of sales, so it’s wonderful to pre-order. And if people are unsure where to order from, Amazon is a good choice because retailers tend to look at Amazon sales.


It’s even BETTER to order the book from Amazon on the first day it is available, the “on-sale” day, which in my case is June 3. The reason for this is that retailers take notice of  big Day 1 sales.

If people prefer to buy from independent bookstores, I suggest they use the link on my site to pre-order. Local stores are unable to stock very many copies so it is advisable to ensure you have a copy by pre-ordering.

I had a wonderful conversation earlier today with Mike Molloy, senior fellow, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa, and former Director General, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and former Ambassador of Canada to Jordan.

In the early 1970s Mike was a junior immigration officer at the Embassy in Beirut, which was responsible for immigration from East Africa. In August 1972, when Idi Amin expelled Asians from Uganda, Mike was integral to coordinating the Canadian effort to secure shelter for these Asians.

In a makeshift diplomatic office in downtown Kampala, Mike and the Canadian team processed more than 6,000 refugees in 60 days.

His lecture on this extraordinary effort provides an excellent overview of the context of the central event in my novel – the Asian expulsion – and tells the fascinating story of the Canadian diplomatic efforts that followed.

Highly recommended viewing!

tasneemjamal.com (or ca). Easy.

The nice thing about websites is they are fluid. No final pub date. We went live with the site right off the bat so my work in progress has been public from the get go, something that would be unimaginable with my fiction.

Please look around and keep coming back. I will be continuing to make tweaks. (For example, this section is called “our blog” and I am working on changing that since it is only “my blog.”) As well I will be posting more regularly now that the launch date is approaching (June 3!).

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