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Bad bad bad us. We haven’t posted in far too long. I’ve been asking myself why and I think apart from being busy it’s because we are settling in more. Everything doesn’t feel like it needs to be reported as strange any more. Which is not to suggest that strange things no longer happen to us. In fact, some quite exciting things have happened. Poor Craig got hit by a a dalla-dalla (a mini bus) while riding his motorcycle about a month ago. He is absolutely fine. He suffered a sprained foot and road burn on his shoulder but otherwise had no physical problems. Emotionally, it was a bit of a wallop. Dar is not an easy place and the incident left him more than irritated with many aspects of the city, not least the insane traffic.

The kids are great. We have somehow managed as a family to get Mia to school for morning assembly, which is at 7:45. For the first three or four months of her school life, we could not get her to school before 8. Now, we all get up between 6 and 6:30 and more importantly we have found a shortcut. It won’t do in the rainy season because it’s not paved. But for now it works. Lily is walking and saying a few words. Her personality is as sweet as ever, though I believe I have seen signs of a temper (not sure where she’d get that!).

Craig and I joined a gym near Mia’s school and after I drop her at school, I go to run on the treadmill and then take my laptop to a cafe and write until it’s time to pick her up at noon. It works much better for me. I get to enjoy some outdoor writing, I get to exercise, and I don’t have to endure the sound of poor Lily banging on my door crying “Mama! Mama!” when I try to write at home.

So, all in all, things are carrying on more or less smoothly.

The power outages are very very frequent these days. We seem to run on generator more often than not. The heat is becoming more oppressive and I swear the fly population has doubled, but we are finding some space to enjoy our lives. There’s nothing like routine. And air conditioners.

There it is, the toughest blog post, the one that gets us back into posting again. And we will, more often. Promise.

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